Bye mama. Bye dada. Me going coffee pace (place).
What he said as he waved and grabbed his toy keys and walked out of our bedroom

Me wait patient food mama.
What he said when I told him dinner wouldn’t be ready for another half hour and he insisted on sitting in his seat at the table

running, monster trucks, & pretty flowers

as Jonah calls it, “cheeseball face”

Graham at 7 months. He is sitting up all by himself. He can easily get into the sitting position but has no idea how to get back down. Jonah often fell back and hit his head on the floor or fell to the side. This little guy, for whatever reason, falls forward-so his head is on the ground while still in the sitting position. He gets stuck like this and wails for help at all hours of the night…talk about flexibility!¬†

without a word from me and only a foot of duct tape on the floor at first, Jonah knew exactly what to do

what road is complete without roadkill?

but where’s the stop sign??

the”b-i-b-i song”

me do it dada!

giving the boys a bath

giving the boys a bath

Singing a lullaby with Grandma. Doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

sure Jonah, you can play with chalk before breakfast.

amazing food in San Antonio, complete with table-side guacamole & a mariachi band 

taking a stroll on the Riverwalk